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The Be-Side Connection

Ryan Benjamin Campbell and Greg “El Ge” Vinson began their musical journey together in early 2014. Their unique individual styles, heart for sharing the love of Christ, and desire to write music that unites all people made their pairing natural, and almost instinctive.

Ryan has been interested in music for as long as he can remember. His father, a church music director and his mother a pianist, he started taking piano lessons at the young age of 5, and after 4 years wanted to pursue playing the drums. He claims that as a child, the funk style is what he naturally gravitated towards, and that style is still evident in his music today.

Greg also came from a musical family, mostly consisting of gospel and blues players and singers. Thanks to the piano in his grandmother’s basement, he began playing the piano at the age of 4 and by the age of 6 had written his first song. His grandmother would often book him at area churches to sing his original works, and even at that young age, Greg fell in love with creating music, hearing melodies, and using instruments and lyrics to create works of art. As an adult, Greg took a short break from music, but he eventually found the Lord calling him back to the art he had fallen in love with as a child.

By his own admission, Greg does not trust easily when it comes to music, and relies mostly on chemistry. However, from the very beginning, he and Ryan clicked on many levels, and shared many of the same visions and ideas. Their first sessions seemed to flow organically, and through the growing partnership, they began to challenge and push each other to higher standards. Out of Ryan’s raw style and Greg’s industry experience, “American Church”, their first single, was born.

Their music is a true melting pot of styles. Drawing on influences such as gospel quartets, big band, blues, funk, and reggae, they strive to compile rhythms, lyrics, and melodies that are unique and different. They are not afraid of trying new things, and consider their music different from others of the same genre because of their musical elements. They follow no set formula, but seek to create their own, truly unique sound.

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